Innovative Technologies
Since 1947
Established in Turin in 1947, historical supplier of FIAT group and more recently CNHi group reference supplier for its products, today it has arrived to the third generation, sailing towards ideas that aim at innovation.
Always engaged in designing and mass production of electromechanical and electronic devices for Automotive and Railway industries, thanks to the ability of identifying solutions, the flexibility and the high quality offered, Amper-Auto still maintains today the leadership in its sector.
Become a reality that can count on a workforce of 120 employees and numerous automatic machines of latest generation, its most exciting challenge is the ability to improve bringing innovation in all its processes: from mechanical and electronic design to automated production and to the laboratory equipped for environmental and for electromagnetic compatibility tests, most of the work is done internally, allowing the best supervision possible. This mission is pursued responsibly by focusing all the energies, skills and experience, in the awareness of how much the products offered to the customers must guarantee reliability, quality and maximum technology.
The stakes are the customer satisfaction, our image and our future.
Ethics, quality and innovation are the principles upon which is based Amper-Auto charter of values, whose great competitive advantage is the business model built over the years, that vertically involves the entire supply chain, the products, the designing, the production, the testing and the logistics.
And if it's needed to understand what the strength of the Amper-Auto business system is, it's sufficient to think of the various certifications that have constantly been obtained yearly, one of the Company's prides:

- ISO 9001, the basis of our Quality system as well as the guideline for continuous improvement.

- ISO / TS 16949, the specific standard for Quality Management System demanded by  Automotive sector, desired and supported by car manufacturers as an implementation of ISO 9001 and introducing the concept of "robust design".

- ISO 14001, the result of Amper-Auto voluntary choice that has set up a specific management system to demonstrate the attention paid to the impact that its activities have on the environment.

- WCM, certification recently acquired by the Company, also known as "World Class Manufacturing", is a structured, rigorous and integrated production methodology that involves the organization as a whole, from the safety to the environment, from the maintenance to the logistics and the quality, continuously improving all production performances.
VAT number: IT03773550011
Register number CCIAA: TO-586956
Capital asset EUR 50.000,00 fully paid up