PULSAR system also offers the most complete solution available on the market, characterized by a particular chromatic matrix selection.
     The color combinations can be set by means of a continuous color regulation (biophysically relaxing).
     All Full color led lights include a medium power auxiliary White Native light.
     Each led light is an embedded system and implements advanced functions for the brightness control and the auto-diagnosis.
     The electronic circuit is managed by a microprocessor with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) functions.
     ML03 in its base configuration can also be lit on in the temperatures Warm white (2700 k) and Natural white (4000 k).
Chromatic patterns: both static and dinamic (e.g. Relaxing cycles, chromatic flash, stroboscopic flash, chromoterapy)
Technical data

Nominal voltage:                 24 V (DC)
Max voltage:                            42 V (DC)
Current draw:                           ~ 450 mA
Luminous flux:                     600~ 1000 lumen
Data distribution technology:     CAN
Communication speed:             40~125
Functional parameters

    - Advanced ON/OFF both on white and colors programmable on request (sequencing, spacing, etc.)
    - ON/OFF with Fade-in & Fade-out (both on white and colors)
    - Brightness Dimming regulation (pulse & continuous dimming)
    - Quick step by step configuration (pairing with touch sensors)
    - Automatic settings memorization (functions and pairings with sensors)
    - Faults tolerant (in case of faulty elements the system continues working)
    - Built in ANTARES logic (in case of faulty elements it is sufficient to replace the part and all the parameters are automatically reloaded in the new one)